B1 Recipes

Use these recipes to help you write great answers in your B1 Preliminary exam, and feel confident about getting you B1!

Remember that the part 1 email is obligatory. You can then choose between the story or the article in part 2.

What must I do in part 1?

In part one, you will see an email you’ve received from your English-speaking friend. The email will have some instructions around it. You need to write a reply to your friend, answering the questions.

What must I do in part 2?

In part two of the writing, you choose one of two questions: either an article or a story. There will always be a choice in this part, but you should practice doing both types. If you only practice one type, you might have problems if the question in the exam is about a topic you don’t know about.

The Article

You need to write an interesting article about a topic, like sports, hobbies, films, etc. The exam question will tell you the topic, as well as three questions you need to answer. Use each question to write one paragraph in the writing:

It’s really important that you make your article interesting to read. Don’t just write a story about the things you like: use questions to keep the reader interested in your ideas. Remember to use lots of different adjectives, adverbs, and grammar structures.

The Story

Only about 10% of students choose to write the story in the exam, usually because they think they don’t have enough creativity to write something good enough. However, remember that in Cambridge exams there’s no mark for your ideas! A good B1 story is usually very simple, and it’s a great opportunity to show different past tense grammar, adjectives, adverbs, and vocabulary.

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