Writing in the exam

Several years ago we started a project at English Language Academy to try to improve students’ confidence in their writing for Cambridge Assessment English tests (as well as their scores!). This began with the writing recipes you’ll find at the end of this guide, and gradually developed in the method for teaching writing which I presented at various conferences in 2017 and 2018.

This guide is aimed primarily at teachers of Cambridge Main Suite exams, although it is also directly relevant if you are preparing for the Trinity ISE exams. There is still more to be done. A2 and C2 recipes are still pending, whilst the massive shift in teaching style and context in 2020 has opened up a multitude of ways of interacting with students and working collaboratively online. The second version of this guide will be launched in 2021 to reflect these developments. I welcome comments and discussion, and would be delighted if you had suggestions for improving the content or for adding to it. After all, we are all experimenting with ELT!